European TDS Vocabulary

One of the main aims of TDS-Exposure is to harmonise methods for dietary exposure risks worldwide. Standardised methods and practices can be developed, but the end data may be worthless to other TDS Centres if the terms used are not clearly defined. Up until now, there has been no need to make data available for use, and therefore methods and terminology have evolved and developed in different ways over time. Based on this and the increasing need to share data trans-nationally, it is vital to make available a common language for all TDS Centres.

Construction of the TDS Vocabulary began by identifying TDS terms in the EFSA/FAO/WHO document ‘State-of-the-art on Total Diet Studies based on the replies to the EFSA/FAO/WHO questionnaire on national total diet study approaches’. This publication mapped the methodological aspects of TDS around the world, capturing common language. Terms were further identified and developed by guidance and standard documents such as CEN Standard ‘Food data – data structure’, publications, and by participants in TDS-Exposure who are experienced in TDS.  During construction of the vocabulary, it was clear this outcome is an important part for exchange of harmonised data amongst countries.  Without a definition, terms such as ‘TDS list’ and ‘sampling food list’ are used to describe the same thing whilst being understood to be different.

The TDS Vocabulary can be found at (Sian – link to the website page once you have uploaded it onto the public website) and contains 209 terms considered relevant to TDS, including those related to set up and design; sampling and analysis; and data evaluation and dissemination. It also contains 29 terms related to the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) model, which will assist TDS Centres to self-assess quality procedures.


European total diet study (TDS) vocabulary 

European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) vocabulary



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There is a constant need to update and expand the vocabulary.  Currently, this is happening through work performed across TDS-Exposure, especially those involved in the TDS pilot studies (WP9). Please send any comments or suggestions for new or amended terms to [email protected].


Authors – ReportHannah Pinchen, Paul Finglas, Mark Roe (IFR, UK) and Marina Rocha Pité, Luisa Oliveira, Isabel Castanheira, Paula Alvito (INSA, PT)

Authors – WP5European TDS Vocabulary: Veronique Sirot, Karine Vin and Alexandra Papdopoulos  (ANSES, FR), Liesbeth Geraets (RIVM, NL), Aida Turrini (CRA-Nut, IT), Isabelle Sioen (UGent, BE), Darja Sokolić and Martina Jurković HAH (HR), Dace Vilcāne (PVD, LV), Helle Meltzer, (NIPH/FHI, NO), Ólafur Reykdal, Sophie Jensen, and Hrönn Ólína Jörundsdóttir (MATIS, IS), Francesco Cubadda (ISS, IT), Stefan Voorspoels (VITO, BE), Per Ola Darnerud (NFA, SE)