Food collection preparation and analysis in TDS

Workshop 1: Food collection preparation and analysis in Total Diet Studies
Monday 28th April-Tuesday 29th April 2014, FERA (York), UK

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Workshop 1: Food collection, preparation and analysis in Total Diet Studies
Monday 28th April 2014


09.00-10.00 Arrival, registration and welcome – Room 12F47

NB: There will be time after each presentation for questions and discussions. If substances you are interested in are not included, please ask.

10.00-10.15 Welcome 

10:15-10.30 Aims and objectives of the workshop

10.30-11.00 Participant introductions
Background, TDS experience, personal learning objectives

11.00-11.30 TDS Orientation
Design of the UK TDS studies leading to The Food List (giving details for shopping, preparation, pooling and analysis)

11.30-11.45 Sample purchasing

11.45-12.30 Sample receipt, logging (LIMS) and storage including lab demonstration and discussions

13.30-15.30 Sample preparation and culinary operations 

16.00-16.15 Mixing to achieve homogeneity and storage considerations

16.15-16.45 Chemical analysis of TDS samples: Overview

16.45-17.30 Tour of the FERA analytical chemistry labs


Workshop 1: Food collection, preparation and analysis in Total Diet Studies
Tuesday 29th April 2014

09.00 General announcements

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)

09.05-09.30 Background to PAHs
Covering Identity, origins, affected foods, toxicity, levels of interest and reporting units

09.30-10.00 Analysis of foods for PAHs
Covering sample receipt, preparation, saponification, extraction, clean up, GC-MS analysis, quality control, and reporting

10.00-10.45 PAH analysis: Lab demonstrations and discussions

Trace elements

11.15-11.35 Analysis of TDS samples for trace elements
Methods, precautions, reference materials, etc.

11.35-12.45 Sample preparation, sample digestion: Lab demonstrations and discussions

13.45-14.45 Analysis using ICP-MS, discussion on arsenic and mercury speciation
Lab demonstrations and discussions (continued)

14.45-15.00 A cautionary tale: Acrylamide in TDS

15.00-15.30 Dietary exposure assessment in a TDS

15:30-16.00 Discussions on topics raised on Days 1 or 2